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There are numerous species of the Heliconia plant that are native to the tropical regions of Central and South America. Heliconia plants can also...
Florida Saucer Magnolia Tree Care

Saucer Magnolia Tree

The Saucer Magnolia Tree is a multi-stemmed spreading tree that is much smaller in size compared to the large Magnolia trees often seen in landscapes....
Southern Magnolia Tree in Florida

Southern Magnolia Tree

Many landscapes throughout different states have the native North American Southern Magnolia Tree in them. With large 8 inch diameter saucer shaped white flowers...
Azalea Plant Flowers in Florida

Azalea Plant Guide

Azaleas are a popular part of landscapes for their beautiful flowers, plant form, and dark green foliage. The Azalea plant is used as foundation plantings,...
Florida camellias plant with pink flowers

Camellias Plant

The Camellias plant is a popular part of today's southern landscapes. Many homeowners love to grow Camellias for their natural beauty and their many...


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