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St. Augustine Lawn Pests

St. Augustine Lawns Lawn pests that are common in St. Augustine lawns are chinch bugs, white grubs, sod webworms, and mole crickets. Lawn treatment is...
Home Rose Garden

Rose Garden

Best Roses For Florida

If you have decided to start a garden with roses the first thing you must do is make the right choice on the best...

Roses In Florida

Growing Roses Roses in Florida need to be cared for properly year-round to be healthy and grow correctly. The sun, warm temperatures and mild winters...

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Types Of Florida Grass

Types Of Florida Landscape Grass And Lawns There are different variations of types of Florida landscape grass and lawns. What type that can be installed...

Florida Ground Cover Plants

Ground Cover Florida Since the cost of maintaining a lawn has risen and time or effort needed to keep it in good shape, some homeowners...

Care Of Hibiscus

Hibiscus, Popular Florida Plant Hibiscus are one of the most widely used plant in landscaping. Hibiscus produce beautiful flowers with a variety of bold colors,...